Advanced Municipal Solutions have Saskatchewan Operator Certification Board certified (OCB) operators from Class 1 to Class 4 available to assist your permitted utility to remain compliant with your water treatment and distribution requirements and wastewater collection and treatment requirements.

AMS can provide the following services and more:

  • Ensure facility logs, data, water quality testing and record sheets are compliant with requirements.
  • Test and verify on site equipment is calibrated correctly and, when needed, coordinate the repairs/maintenance of equipment.
  • Provide mentorship and training to local staff to assist the community in their efforts to be self-sufficient.
  • 24-hour telephone availability to assist during upsets. 
  • Available for onsite assistance during upsets.
  • Represent the permittee/owner in discussions and meetings with regulator/engineering companies etc.
  • Assist the community in ensuring the staffing and hiring processes for the facility are in line with industry best practices.

Operator Certification Training and Education

AMS delivers a host of operator certification exam preparation courses aimed at assisting the municipal employee pass the provincial certification exams. There are a variety of delivery methods including on-line, in-person and optional math preparatory classes for students that have been out of school for extended periods of time. We have numerous one and two-day workshops to assist operators in obtaining the required continuing education units (C.E.U.) to fulfill the Operator Certification Requirements for certificate renewal. Custom training is available upon request to worksites.

Temporary Operational Assistance

AMS has several certified water and wastewater operators to assist your community stay in compliance with your permit to operate when you are short-staffed. We will work in conjunction with your Environmental Protection Officer to provide weekly or bi-weekly visits to your facility to fulfill your regulatory obligations. Operational logs, data analysis and reporting will be provided as well as facility inspection at each visit. Water quality testing, laboratory equipment calibration and reporting is available, and a report will be created for each site visit. Interim operational assistance includes 24 hours a day call availability for any emergencies. AMS can also supply operators to cover illness, injury, or vacancies on a short, mid or long term basis

Safety Audits and Safety Program Development

Safety Programs are an important component of operating a municipality today. AMS is experienced in performing baseline audits and making recommendations to improve safety at your worksites. Once a baseline audit is prepared, we can assist your community in providing safety manual, document and program creation as well as providing safety training that is applicable to the municipal industry.

Plant Optimization

AMS has experience in assessing, bench testing and making recommendations for plant optimizations. Whether it is jar testing or other process simulation we can assist operations personnel in adjusting chemical dosages and changing process timing. Issues arising from source water changes, water chemistry or biological issues can be evaluated and improvements made. We can provide filter surveillance, breakpoint chlorination studies and solutions to wastewater collection and wastewater treatment challenges.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

AMS is experienced in creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Emergency Response Plans (ERP) for communities both large and small, emergency responders and laboratories. Having up-to-date SOPs for your operation can assist with supervision and training of new employees as well as reducing risk and liability to administration. Having up-to-date ERPs to continue delivery of utility services during emergencies is paramount to operating a municipality in today’s uncertain world. Contact us for an evaluation and estimate for your community.